Once you have copied the Cryptic Plugin Pack folder to your application, you need to add one line to which is -

Cryptic_Setup("Authentication key",true) ' true if you want to load all features
This enables all the features, functions and network layers.

Cryptic_Setup("Authentication key",false) ' if you want to load the features individually as shown below

However, if you don't want everything active, you can load them separately by removing the Cryptic_setup call with the following calls depending on the features you require.
To setup mail features

Cryptic_Mail_Socket_live=new Cryptic_Mailsocket

To setup preferences features

Cryptic_Preferences=new Cryptic_Preference_setup
To set up database features

Cryptic_SetupDB() ' main db
To setup language features
Cryptic_SetupLanguages("gb") ' create langauge translation table
To use fonts

Cryptic_SetupFonts ' set up fonts

NOTE: If you use material fonts, you must setup fonts
To use encrypted network communications