Cross platform font support

Import TTF
Includes 650 redistributable fonts and you can import TTF's.

Language support

62 languages supported
Run your application once, and 62 language sets are created, you can edit these before you ship your app, they can be changed on the fly.


2FA support
Add two factor authentication to any app.


Icons and persistance
Menus with persistent selections, customisable fonts and icons, and multi colour support.

Realtime validation

Data validation with visual indicators
Includes many validation formulas , including support for Regular expressions, forcing data integrity and visual prompts.

Extended Widgets

A group of new widgets
Add two factor authentication to any app.

Encrypted communication

TCP/IP object with embedded encryption
Uses RSA public / private key to exchange AES256 bit keys, so all network communication is secure.

Automatic email setup

Simple to use email support
Send emails with just one line of code.

Dynamic database creation

Drag and drop
Creating or updating database structures on the fly. Adding a text field to a page will dynamically modify the table to reflect it. Visually design your data.